Asatru is religion dedicated to the gods of the [ norse pantheon]. The religion's name derives from the old Norse words meaning "faith in the Aesir." In the Old Norse Sagas the old faith is referred to as ‘Forn Sidr’ literally meaning ‘Old Custom’. Other variations were ‘Forn Landsidur’ meaning ‘Old Country Custom’ and ‘Fornri sidvenju’ meaning ‘the practice of the Old Custom’

See the article Odinism for more information about norse paganism.

Distribution of adherents[]

Today, Asatru is practiced primarily in Scandinavia, Germany, Britain, The Netherlands, North America and Australia/New Zealand. Small communities are also found in many other countries, including Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Russia. Active groups are also found in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

Exact numbers are unknown, but there are several thousand followers in the modern world.

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