A bait-and-switch religious group is a religious group that lures new adherents with one thing,
but then gives them something that is very different and very undesirable.

There are at least three significant cases of bait-and-switch religious groups, which are as follows:

1. The Church of Scientology:
The Church of Scientology lures people in with promises of an improved psychological state,
but the church charges increasingly exorbitant amounts of money, thus demonstrating that it is
primarily a money-parasitizing scheme that builds the wealth and power of the people at the top ranks.
There are also abusive cultist practices among people who are more deeply involved.

2. Ordo Templi Orientis:
People who join the Ordo Templi Orientis are expected to advance up the degrees of the paradigm to the top.
And do you know what awaits people- and especially men, who get to the final degree? -Gay sex.
If you don't have gay anal sex with other men, then you cannot complete the OTO paradigm.
The OTO thus employs the psychological tactic of "wasted-investment coercion".
That is to say that straight men feel compelled to perform gay anal sex,
because they don't want to waste all of the effort that they had already put in to advance up through the paradigm.

3. British Traditional Wicca:
Gerald Gardner wrote about Wicca, advertising magic that works, and participation in an ancient pagan witch culture.
However, the original wiccan culture, before Gerald Gardner hijacked it, dated back only to the 1930s,
having been inspired by Margaret Murray's books about witches, and Gerald Gardner added much of his own
new material to the wiccan paradigm. One of Gardner's additions was that, onto every ritual in Wicca,
including the initiation rituals, he added a particular type of BDSM practice that he enjoyed,
called bondage and discipline, AKA B&D.
The B&D practice that Gardner added involves oneself being nude; one's ankles being tied together,
one's knees being tied together, one's arms being tied together behind one's back; oneself being bent over forward
onto one's knees, head, and single shoulder, with one's bare ass sticking up; and being scourged upon one's bare ass.
Gardner told people various absurd lies to get them to do that, saying that it is "purification of the soul",
and necessary to "raise magical power".
Also, if you don't have sex with the high priest (originally Gerald Gardner) or high priestess,
in the third-degree initiation ritual, then you can't become a third-degree wiccan.
Gardner's successors continued his scam, and they added wasted-investment coercion,
via a requirement that coven applicants spend "a year and a day" studying "outer court" material before they are
allowed to be initiated into the coven, and they are told only shortly before the initiation what it entails.
The wiccan trainee has spent a year of time and effort on this, so they don't want to waste all of that by backing out.