Freya Aswynn (born Elizabeth Hooijschuur in Holland 1949) is an adherent of Odinism and author of several treatises on runic divination.

According to her homepage, she was initiated into Wicca by Jim Bennnet in 1980. In 1993, she started an UK branch of The Ring of Troth.

However, as of September 2018, she has been removed from her position as an Elder within The Troth due to homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobic comments made by Aswynn.

She now resides in Spain and is known to be a shaman.


  • Leaves of Yggdrasil: A Synthesis of Runes Gods Magic Feminine Mysteries Folklore (September 1988), ISBN 0951386409. Published privately.
  • Leaves of Yggdrasil: Runes, Gods, Magic, Feminine Mysteries, and Folklore (1990), ISBN 0875420249.
  • Northern Mysteries and Magick: Runes & Feminine Powers (2002), ISBN 1567180477.
  • Principles of the Runes: The Only Introduction You'll Ever Need (Principles of) (2000), ISBN 0722538839.
  • Introduction to the Runes - 'Introduction to the Runes' is a audio visual presentation exploring the Runes.
Music and Audio
  • Songs of Yggdrasil: Shamanic Chants from the Northern Mysteries (2002),ISBN 0875420233. - Audio CD Llewellyn Publications - Included with 'Northern Mysteries & Magic' but available separately.

also released as

  • Shades of Yggadrasil Dec 13, 2005 with two bonus tracks.

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