Gardner is credited with the introduction of Wicca and witchcraft into the modern public sphere. Some people claim that he created the faith himself, largely through inspiration from Freemasonry and occultists such as Aleister Crowley. Others assert that he was initiated into the New Forest Coven as he claims and merely passed down and publicised a tradional form of Wicca.

Regardless of the nature of his role in modern Wicca, and indeed in neo-paganism, his influence was tremendous. Numerous traditions have been formed based on Gardnerian Wicca and many more have been said to be based off of it, though they also claim to be traditional Wiccan lineages.

List of Gardner's Books[]

  • 1936: Keris and Other Malay Weapons
  • 1939: A Goddess Arrives (fiction)
  • 1949: High Magic's Aid (fiction)
  • 1954: Witchcraft Today
  • 1959: The Meaning of Witchcraft

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