Gothland is short novel by Oscar Kowelsbergh. It is set in fantasy world based on real world , centered on Goth (Ostrogoth) people and suppresion of Odinist religion by monotheists.


First part of Gothland novel is set in village of Othinwald somewhere in south Baltic region. Goths are endangered by invasion of Huns , so they are thinking about migration. While village priest is in favour of

return to Scandinavia (in novel called "old land") , young quarrelsome guy named Swarthod campaign for settling in south , in lands which once belonged to now defunct Kale Empire. He use deception and betrayal to take position of village chief and move people to south.

Soon after setling in kingdom of Ravna , Swarthod starts campaign in conversion to new faith , which is resisted by part of villagers .

Main charachters of story on side of good /pagan are young man Edulf who is main opponent of Swarthod , and girl Gailavira , daughter of village priest , who is abducted by officials of new religion and forced to monastery.


In novel there are some mention of magic - runic magic on side of Goth pagans , and dark elf magic on side of their opponents.

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