Heimgest is the current director of the Odinic Rite.


In 1989 John Yeowell resigned as Director of the OR's governing body, the Court of Gothar. The Court then unanimously elected Heimgest as its Director and he was officially installed in this position on 23rd April 1989 at the White Horse Stone in Kent. Heimgest remains the Director of the Court to this day. John Yeowell resigned from the Court of Gothar entirely in 1991 and left the Odinic Rite.


In 1997 the band Sol Invictuss album 'The Blade' featured Heimgest's Odinic Gealdor - a magical chanting of the runes. [1]

In 2000 the album Three Nine by Howden/Wakeford (collaboration between Matt Howden (of Sieben) and Tony Wakeford (of Sol Invictus (band)) featured an album booklet of which text was written by Heimgest and Valkyrie Holley. [2]

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