Jupiter, also known as Jove, was the chief god of the Roman pantheon, who was similar to the Greek god Zeus. He resided over the sky, thunder and leadership.


upiter was the youngest son of the old god Saturn, and the only not swallowed by his father. His mother, Ops, managed to hide him away at the island of Crete, where he was raised in secret.

Eventually he would liberate his five devoured siblings, NeptunePlutoJunoCeres and Vesta, and together they dethroned Saturn.

Jupiter would then divide the world with his two brother, Neptune and Pluto, by pulling straws: Jupiter would rule over the sky, Neptune the sea and Pluto the Underworld.

He would then go on to marry his sister Juno, but had several affairs with both other deities and mortal women, and became the father of countless deities and demigods, with the most notable ones being MarsVulcanBellonaJuventasMinervaMercuryApolloDianaBacchus and Hercules.


  • Zeus - Greek
  • Thor - Germanic
  • Amun - Egyptian
  • Marduk - Babylonian
  • Hadad - Canaanite
  • Indra - Hindu
  • Perun - Slavic