Ancient Pyramids exist not only in Egypt, but in many places around the world. The pyramids don't all follow the same shape, but almost always have a geometric pyramid shape to their building.

Egyptian Pyramids
Dahshur Giza Other
Bent Pyramid Menkaure's Pyramid Pyramid of Meidun
Black Pyramid Khafre's Pyramid
Red Pyramid The Great Pyramid

Chinese Pyramids
Xi'an Pyramids
NOTE: The 'pyramids' of Xi'an are actually large pyramid-shaped mounds of earth

European Pyramids
Bosnia France Greece Italy Spain
Visočica Hill Pyramid of Falicon Pyramid of Hellinikon Pyramid of Cestius Pyramids of Güímar
NOTE: Visočica Hill is a pyramid-shaped hill and is debated whether to be considered a pyramid officially. NOTE: The Falicon Pyramid is extremely Egyptian in design, but is much smaller and seems to have lost the top. NOTE: The Pyramid of Hellinikon is almost completely destroyed and is considered a pyramid from the fact that the sides slant upward and would eventually meet to create one, or suddenly end at a flat top.
Central and South American Pyramids
Aztec Mayan
Great Pyramid of Cholula Pyramid of the Sun
Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan Pyramid of the Moon
Malinalco Altun Ha
Xochicalco Calakmul
Chichen Itza
Pyramids of Other Regions
Iran Iraq Sudan Polynesia Australia
The Ziggurat of Sialk The Ziggurat of Ur Nubian Pyramids The Star Pyramid or Pulemelei Mound, Samoa Gympie Pyramid
The Ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The Marae of Mahaiate, Tahiti

Unknown Pyramids[]

  • Louvre Pyramid - Paris, France
  • Atlantis Pyramids - blue, metalic-looking pyramids with a diamond or crystal-looking top sighted around The Bermuda Triangle
  • Japan's Underwater Pyramids - ruins of what could be a pyramid off the coast of Japan
  • Martian Pyramids - pyramid-shaped objects possibly normal misidentified objects close to The Face on Mars
  • The Black Stone Pyramids - three pyramids made of black stone and topped with a red gem told to be larger than The Great Pyramid