There is a much more extensive and organized list of deities at the article List of Deities.

Adonis – greek god of rebirth and vegetation; worshipped in mystery religions for untold eons

Apollo – greek/roman young solar god; god of light, truth, and prophecy; god of archery, medicine, and healing; god of music, poetry, and the arts

Anubis – egyptian god of the dead

Aten – egyptian supreme god; solar deity

Brahma – hindu creator god

Baphomet - satanist deity

Coyote – first-nations trickster god

Cernunnos – celtic god of the wild hunt, fertility, and masculine energy

Dagda – irish father god; somewhat comical and bawdy

Dionysus – greek/roman god of wine, of ritual ecstasy; god of agriculture, music, and theatre, communication between living and dead

Eros – greek god of sexuality and fertility

Ganesh – hindu god with elephant head; remover of obstacles; god of beginnings; patron of arts and sciences, of intelligence and wisdom

Gopala – hindu child god; young Krishna; playful and mischevious while always aware of divinity

Govinda – sikh god; preserver; protective father

Great Spirit – first-nations supreme deity, creator, source

Hades – greek god of the underworld and death

Hephaestus – greek god of the forge, of technology, craftsmen, sculptors, fire, and volcanoes

Hermes – greek god of boundaries and travelers, shepherds and cowherds, orators, writers and poets, invention, commerce, and thieves; messenger of the gods; trickster god

Herne – british god of vegetation, vine, and the wild hunt

Holly King – english god of winter (rest, withdrawal)

Horus – egyptian sky god; god of sun and moon; god of war and the hunt

Krishna – hindu supreme god; essence of all creation

Loki – norse god; shape-shifter and gender-changer

Lugh – celtic god of smiths and artisans; harvest god

Mercury – roman god of commerce; messenger of the gods, speed and travel

Mithras – persian god of light

Oak King – english god of summer (expansion, growth, activity)

Odin – norse father god; god of wisdom, wealth, inspiration, poetry, battle, hunting, magick, prophecy

Osiris – egyptian god of the underworld and the harvest

Pan – greek nature god; horned god; god of shepherds and flocks, of wild forests and fields, virility, fertility, and spring

Ra – egyptian god; solar deity

Rama – hindu god representing the perfect human man and husband

Set/Seth – egyptian god of chaos

Shiva – hindu god; the destroyer of obstacles; transformer

Sunna – norse sun god

Tammuz – egyptian green god

Thoth – egyptian god of magick and wisdom

Vishnu – hindu god; sustainer

Zeus – father god; sky god