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Welcome to WikiPagan, a free-content wiki-based website for modern pagans.
Modern pagans are divisible into surviving pagans, who practice pagan religions that survive to the present day; reconstructionist pagans, who practice revived old pagan religions insofar as that is possible in modern society; and neopagans, who worship one or more pagan gods in some way, but add new and unrelated material to the religion, thus creating a new religion.

In WikiPagan, anyone can access and, where necessary or beneficial, edit an article, or create a new article.
That way, together we can create a collection of articles about pagan religions, deities, rituals, prominent modern pagans, and more.
This wiki was created in 2005, and currently has 433 articles.

Due to the fact that the occult wiki was commandeered by a psychopath ("ItsMartin") who disabled anonymous IP editting therein, this wiki may also include articles that are related to the occult. There is significant overlap between paganism and the occult.

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