Mandrake of Oxford is a occult publisher based in Oxford, England. The company was started in 1986 under the name Golden Dawn Publications but changed its name to Mandrake upon the publication of Sexual Magick by Katon Shual in 1988.

Mandrake of Oxford publishes on magick, paganism, tanta, occult lore, and Thelema.


Mandrake's founder, Mogg Morgan, when interviewed by occultebooks, said that he chose the name in 1987 as an homage to Aleister Crowley (see Mandrake Press) and that he prefers to publish new writers who are continuing to develop the Thelemic tradition.


Mandrake of Oxford is best known for discovering German occultist freestyle shaman Jan Fries,[1] and they have published several of his works, including his seminal work, Visual Magick[2]

Select Books Published by Mandrake of Oxford[]


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