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Roman household shrines, also called larariums, are generally the focal point for Religio Romana practice. 

Sacred Space[]

The lararium is a sacred space within the home. Larariums can be quite modest in size and nature or large and expensively equipped. Typically household shrines include:

  • a candle (however oil lamps are more traditional). 
  • incense.
  • a plate on which to place food offerings for the Lares.
  • a container for liquid offerings (typically wine or milk).
  • a salinum - a container of salt.

The location of the lararium is traditionally located near the entrance to the property or in an open space on the property, or in the kitchen or even the bedroom. It should usually be prominently placed.

Gods of the Lararium[]

The Romans believed that if they please the gods then they would have good fortune and their crops would do well.

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