I am Thorskegga Thorn, a Thorswoman, Godwoman, Artist and Writer following Heathenry in Buckinghamshire England.

I am currently spokeswoman for the UK Heathen group Heathens for Progress. Heathens For Progress

I am a member of the national pagan campaign group PEBBLE.

I am also the main contact for the Three Kindreds (Comprised of Chiltern, Hoth, Thorshof & Dragonslair) one of the most active Heathen groups in the UK.

My personal website Thorshof is very dusty but includes much of my writing and artwork.

My path with Heathenry is the Way of Thor which acknowledges Thor and the Earth Mother as the most important of the gods and goddesses. My festivals are strongly influenced by the agricultural year and the folklore of England.

Thorskegga Thorn