Vortigern's Cave is a Pagan internet forum and networking service. It was established in April 2008 by the organisers of the Wycombe Moot, the Ravens Nest Moot (London), Magical Festivals (Deal), the Halloween Festival (London), Beltane Bash (London) and the Dover Moot to support pagan events in the South East of the UK.

The name is based on the legend of the red and white dragons representing the cultures of the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons from Arthurian legend.

The forum supports discussion on all the main Pagan paths, Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Eclectic, Egyptian, Chaos, Greek/Roman, Fairy, Shamanic.

Vortigern's Cave has a very strong emphasis on promoting tolerance between paths and respecting individual interpretation.

Membership of the Forum is free and you can register from the forum website at Vortigern's Cave.